Big trials brands on their way to Revolution this Spring, 2018

After announcing the new collaboration with GasGas, Torrot, Oset and Scorpa last fall , we are adding a new line this spring, Vertigo trials bike are making their way in the store as well this spring.

Ever wonder what a trial bike is ? Have a look t this article and video : .

Good reasons why every motorcyclist should own a trials bike

1. They’re way more fun than a gym
Believe it or not, trials bikes are bloody hard work. Not least because you can’t sit down. Whenever you’re moving, you’re standing on the pegs moving and bouncing the bike with your legs, and the core strength you need for the slow-speed balance is as good as any gym session

2. It’ll make you a better rider : Whether it’s adventure-style trials riding, observed trials or just popping around your backyard, the throttle, clutch and brake control demanded by a trials bike are all skills that will transfer to your road (and dirt) bike and make you a smoother and more confident rider. A lot of top level road (and off-road) racers will train on a trials bike because not only does it carry slightly less risk with its slower speeds, but the feel you gain of what and why the bike is doing beneath you

3. They’re quiet
The low-revving and low-compression nature of trials bikes means your lawn mower probably makes more noise. Of course the new GasGas TXE 2018 Electric bike with a 6 speed gear box and clutch is from now on the way to enjoy the sport with the only sound of nature in the background, without renouncing the great features of an authentic trial bike. ,  Torrot &  Oset electric trials bikes for kids are a great way to build really important skills for future road (and off-road) riders.

4. They’re cheap to run and maintain
Whether it’s a two- or four-stroke trials bike you own, the very minimalist nature of them makes them comparatively inexpensive to own.

5. They hold their value

Now, if there was ever a fail-proof argument to convince the better half that you need another bike, there it is!

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