Nick Antle

Being a country boy from the east coast I was basically born with handlebars in my hands. I was given a snowmobile and a quad before my 4th birthday and have not looked back since. Growing up on snowmobiles on the east coast was a blast, I was constantly entering cross country races and drag races on the many different sled I had growing up. I moved to Whistler 13 years ago and have been sledding in the mountains for the last 12 years. I feel having grown up with sled my ability to read terrain and knowing what the sled is going to do is my real strong suit. I have very high goals for this upcoming winter season with freeride snowmobiling being my real focal point. I hope to shoot photos and video throughout the year to have a very strong portfolio to showcase at the end of the season.

When I was 23 I traded 4 wheels for 2 in the summer and have not looked back since. With my strong BMX, sledding and quadding background I found that motocross came very easy to me, especially the jumping part. I have been racing consistently in the BC motocross championships this summer and with the hard work I put it I earned 5 moto wins and the BC plus 30 championship! This was a milestone year for me with motocross and have no been bumped up to the Vet Pro ranks for next summer. I am really looking forward to that. I also have been fortunate to shoot with some great photographers this summer that I feel really showcased my real love of motocross. I could hit jumps and throw whips all day, I love the feeling of flying and tossing bikes sideways.

I am extremely cognizant of the growing importance of being very active in all forms of social media. I am constantly updating my Instagram(@hollywood506) and Facebook pages to ensure my current sponsors can see that I am constantly getting out on the bike and really helping with brand recognition in that regard. I am lucky enough to know some amazing professional photographers and videographers around the Whistler area that I work with on a weekly basis. I also have a YouTube channel where I periodically post videos of friends and myself practicing and training, as I am well versed in video editing.

All this could not at all be possible without the great help that my friends Felix, Marie, and Ryan at Revolution Powersports have given me. Having such a great shop filled with amazing people right down the road from me in Whistler has ensured that my equipment has stayed in the very best mechanical shape, so that when I ride I know that I can push the limits of my riding and my machines will be able to handle anything I can throw at it!

Hope to see everyone out there having a great time, let’s go burn some gas!!!

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