Sidi Performer Air Boot

Sidi Performer Air Boot

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Unparalleled everyday comfort, the Sidi Performer, in name and in fact, is a light and comfortable boot that allows the rider freedom of movement and feeling with the bike. The Sidi Performer motorcycle boot is quick to put on and practical to use.

The Sidi Performer Air Motorcycle Boot is identical to the Sidi Performer, but with an upper made of perforated Technomicro to guarantee maximum ventilation.


  • Upper: Techno Microfibre
  • Lining: Air Teflon Mesh // Cambrelle
  • Sole: Top Sole
  • Metatarsus external protection
  • Internal and external shaped ankle pads
  • Soft arch area
  • Smooth heel cup for more adherence with the bike.
  • Shift pad


REPLACEABLE SLIDER - The slider is replaceable and available in full nylon, with ceramic or with aluminum inserts.

ZIP ELASTIC PANEL - Sidi has added a small elastic panel to aid in a smooth zipper operation as it allows a bit of movement via the elastic as the zipper passes over the rider’s ankle ball.