Skinz Ski-Doo Helium Access Hood Kit

Skinz Ski-Doo Helium Access Hood Kit

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Includes panel, hose kit, green filter and prefilter.

New for this year is a light weight hood kit for the Ski Doo XM/XS models. This hood weighs in at 3.25 lbs complete with the venting already installed. (The air intake is an additional 1 lb). This kit will offer a serious weight loss at approximately 13-14 lbs. If you combine this with the Narrow side panel kit with the Ultra-Q silencer you are approaching 25-26 lbs with just these two mods. You will absolutely notice a difference.

The hood is formed from durable TPO plastic and finished with a durable automotive basecoat/clearcoat finishing system. These hoods are offered in a flat black finish and a white gloss finish. They will be offered in a kit which will include the air intake kit or just the hood for those who want to install a turbo system and have their own air intake setup.

You can order the (#HLED400) LED headlight kit to install on the hood for those that need light. The Headlight offers 1000 lumens of light, that is plenty of light to get home. You can install two lights for those that need more light.