Skinz Ski-Doo AirFrame ProTube Running Boards (CLEARANCE)

Skinz Ski-Doo AirFrame ProTube Running Boards (CLEARANCE)

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Pro Tube running boards are constructed from a new, larger, outer tube which is extruded from a very high strength aluminum alloy. As a result, these running boards are approximately 22% lighter than the standard Skinz Protective Gear Airframe Running Boards. This translates into up to 1lb of weight reduction per side totaling approximately 2 lbs total depending on the style of running board.The larger outer tube provides a slightly different feel on the foot while riding as the cross tubes are integrated just below the top of the tube. This new design gives the rider a firm feel on the bottom of the boot letting the rider know exactly where the edge of the running board is at all times.

High traction plastic cleats are included for the cross tubes and ice studs are provided for the outer tube.

Kit includes everything needed for installation, though we recommend buying an extra set of cleats!


  • Installation Time: 2+ ours
  • Installation Difficulty: Challenging (old running boards need to be removed)