Trilobite Ton-Up Motorcycle Jeans

Trilobite Ton-Up Motorcycle Jeans

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Meet the Trilobite Ton-Up 2.0 Jeans, the embodiment of raw power and uncompromising style for the modern man on two wheels. Engineered for the daring rider, these jeans are a nod to the rebellious spirit of the Ton-Up Boys era, infused with cutting-edge technology for the contemporary road warrior.

The dark, rugged aesthetic exudes a timeless cool, while the CE AAA certification ensures top-tier protection with abrasion-resistant fabric and strategically placed knee and hip protectors. These aren't just jeans; they're a declaration of defiance against the ordinary.

Whether you're tearing up the asphalt or making a statement at the local hangout, the Trilobite Ton-Up 2.0 Jeans are your armor of choice — because true style never takes a back seat to safety. Unleash your inner renegade and ride with unapologetic confidence in gear that refuses to be ordinary.


Outer material:

  • 13.5 oz Elastic Denim, Dyneema (UHMWPE), Cotton, Nylon, Elastane


  • Aramid fibers lining in knees and seat made with Kevlar® by progressive DuPont™ technology

  • Removable CE LEVEL 2 protectors are included in knees and hips. CE LEVEL 2 knee protectors adjustable in height and side as well

  • Dyneema® denim

  • Triple outseam stitching

Ergonomic features:

  • 2 outer pockets; 1 side secret pocket

  • Dyneema® is one of the strongest materials in the world. It's an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene which is 15 times stronger than steel. Denim with Dyneema® creates much stronger and more durable motorcycle jeans.