Skisaver Flex

Skisaver Flex

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The Skisaver Flex is a pair of adjustable, drivable snowmobile ski wheels.‚  This innovative product was specially designed for snowmobile owners who need to move their snowmobile sin the garage, shop or bare ground.

The Skisaver Flex makes it possible to move, drive and steer snowmobiles without damage to the skis, carbides and trailer floors. The Skisaver Flex adjusts from 6.5" to 10.5" wide (160-270 mm).
The Skisaver Flex is well-built, with special alloy steel and specially molded 200 mm/8-inch wheels.‚ You'll have no problem driving on gravel or grass. Skisaver is built to last. With a second-generation and newly adjustable design, and years of actual use, you can be assured that the parts and wheels are proven to last.


  • Maximum Capacity 660 lbs.
  • Maximum Speed 6 mph