Snowmobile Composit track M770-3R (3.00″)

Snowmobile Composit track M770-3R (3.00″)

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The M770-3R is a mountain track with 77mm (3.00″) lugs of pure power that won’t leave you behind in soft, deep powder. Well balanced 3″ high lug pattern uses the latest manufacturing technology for exceptional traction in powder snow. The  cupped lugs will flex in the snow for traction yet resist fold-over on the hard pack for improved traction and durability. A lightweight 2 ply track designed to let a rider achieve the full deep power potential of his sled in boondocking conditions.

**,The 3R denotes the center ported track which allows bolt on application to all Ski-doo models and all the Polaris models. Some Polaris models need these center ports for their anti-ratchet center driveshaft sprocket.

-01 model Updated to 6 rows of drive knobs to accommodate all new Mountain sled drive systems

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